There will come a time when you’ve lost all interest in the ugly women…

But the hot women continue to elude you.

There will come a time where you will be Fearless in your approach. But the hundreds of rejections Mount and amount to nothing.

There will come a time where all the lessers will live you but you can no longer relate to them. But those above you will have nothing left to teach you, and you find yourself unable to relate as well because you know where you stand.

There will come a time when it looks as all the world that you are a success but inside you are a sham. You know what results you want and what expectations you have, and this kind of real success still remains off in the distance…

And yet it is so close. So close you can taste it in the air, but the endless grind gets to you and you like desperate awake at night.

Searching for the missing key, the answer to why you work harder than all of the zombies around you but are unable to conjure the visions you have into reality.

This is not a mistake. There is nothing you are doing wrong.

There is a name for this stage. And success is right around the corner, but you must pass through this period and claim your success instead of being afraid of it:


You have left heaven and entering hell, but first you must earn your trial and reach your birthright.

To escape purgatory, you must totally abandon the previous world.

You must truly believe you are ready for and prepare yourself for the uncertainty and mystery of the next one.

Right now you are still tied into your belief in the old world, but entering the new one requires letting go of those limits.

You are not the victim anymore, you are not the martyr or the hopeless case, the lost cause.

You must abandon this thinking altogether and embrace the success that is yours. You could always have it.

It is a fear of success that is keeping you back. You must destroy the remnants of your old patterns and simultaneously replace them with the new ones.

You must give yourself permission to become the new being that you deserve. You must open up and let out the light, instead of wallowing in darkness.

It’s not easy…but it will be the easiest thing in the world once you surrender to it.

Surrender to your new self, and leave behind the mediocrity.

Embrace the hate, and disregard then. Find your rebellion. Take seriously your attempts and learn to love risk.

You will make it out of purgatory. You must simply do two things:

1) Persist
2) Surrender

Persistence you’ve developed. You must merely not now quit.

But surrender is the harder part. Going with your gut, your heart, and learning new tehbiwues and principles that may seem foreign to you, or may scare you, or may make you a threat to others. You invite danger and trouble, and you violate the rules. You embrace uncertainty.

The best part of all of this is that you already know exactly what you need to do.

You cannot use self doubt to talk yourself out of your path or give up. You also cannot persist without changing. This is Insanity.

You already know the big changes and risks required of you moving forward, and you must take them.

That is your challenge.

You’ve learned the power of hard work and rejection, but now you must learn to love the thrill of risk and break out of your false comfort zone and forever leave it.

Cross over the border, and go over the edge. Once and for all.

It is fun and joyous but also frightening and no longer safe.

All in all it requires following your heart and not your head.

Following your heart and no one else.

No other teachings must stand in the way of your own experience and VISION moving forward.

Your dreams must rule your next steps, and MUST STOP SEEKING VALIDATION PERMISSION OR APPROVAL to pursue these next steps you must take.

You already know you are right. You already know what you must do moving forward. You already know what risks you’ve been neglecting and what great thrills and conquests await.

But you must abandon the old world and fully embrace the new one.

A new paradigm, a new perspective. A new way of thinking.

A high risk, high reward lifestyle based on your gut.

A life based on DESIRE and NOT FEAR.

And that is how you finally leave purgatory: